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At our Adelaide pawnbrokers, we offer the most competitive interest rates for loans against gold, silver, luxury watches, cars, and goods.

Need additional funds? If you prefer not to sell your items, visit our gold pawn shop to secure a cash loan against your assets. We accept a variety of assets, including gold, silver, luxury watches, and even cars, as collateral for the loan. Repayment can be arranged according to your schedule.

How Does Getting a Cash Loan from PBA Work?

A gold loan is a straightforward and swift process. Simply visit one of our three locations during business hours - no appointments necessary. PBA will evaluate and assess your gold, providing you with a cash quote on the spot. If you're satisfied and agree with the offer, a gold loan is processed, and you receive cash instantly.

For items other than precious metals, we may need to schedule a valuation before proceeding. In such cases, it's advisable to contact us at (08) 8304 8997 for information before your visit.

Adaptable Loan Durations


Adaptable Loan Durations

Our loans come with a flexible structure, with no fixed term. You have the option to extend the loan for another 30 days by covering the interest for the current month. When you're prepared to retrieve your items, settling the loan amount along with the interest for the current month is all that's required.

Accessible to Everyone, Regardless of Credit Background


Accessible to Everyone, Regardless of Credit Background

Unlike conventional loan institutions, we function similarly to a pawn shop. Your credit history has no bearing on your qualification for a loan with us, as the loan is secured by your gold items, and it is not contingent on your personal credit.

No Appointments Necessary


No Appointments Necessary

You're welcome to drop by any of our Adelaide City stores without the need for advance appointments. Whether you wish to inquire about pawning your items or need additional information, our team is ready to assist you. You can also reach out to us by phone for any inquiries.

Repayment Information


Repayment Information

For details regarding pawnbroker interest rates, repayments, and other crucial repayment information, please follow the link below.

Pawnbroker Loan Rates

Opting to Sell Instead of Getting a Loan?


Opting to Sell Instead of Getting a Loan?

If you'd rather sell your items outright instead of obtaining a pawnbroker cash loan, we gladly offer that choice too. Just visit our office during our regular business hours, and we'll appraise the value of your items upon your arrival.

If you accept the offer, we'll provide you with cash payment on the spot.

Precision in Valuations


Precision in Valuations

We employ cutting-edge x-ray technology to guarantee precise and accurate valuations for gold and silver items. For all other items, our team of third-party evaluators is at your service to assess and determine their value accurately.

ID Requirements for Obtaining a Gold Loan at Pawnbrokers Adelaide

Learn about the various methods you can secure a gold loan from our pawn shop based on the type of identification you possess.

Option 1: Valid Photo Identification

If you possess a valid photo ID, you can instantly secure a gold loan with us using it. Please note that we accept specific types of photo IDs, including:

  • State-Issued driving license
  • State-Issued learner's permit
  • Local or foreign passport
  • Firearms license
  • Educational photo ID
  • KeyPass ID from Australian post

Option 2: Two Valid Text-Based Identification Cards

If you lack a valid photo ID, you can still obtain a gold loan by presenting two text-based identification cards. We accept any combination of the following IDs:

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Medicare
  • Bank statement or utility bill from an Australian Institution
  • Commonwealth healthcare card
  • Commonwealth veteran affairs card
  • Commonwealth pensioner
  • Concession card