Pawn or Sell Diamonds with Adelaide's Pawn Brokers

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Pawning or Selling Diamonds: How It Works

Diamonds are Accepted for Loans or Selling at PBA. Just bring your diamonds to our store for assessment, and we'll provide a cash quote on the spot. If you have accompanying paperwork for your diamond, please bring it along for a more accurate evaluation.

Diamonds are renowned for their value and are not only a girl's best friend but also a valuable asset. When you're in need, diamonds can serve as collateral for a loan or be sold for instant cash.

Visit us to explore short-term and long-term loan options, or sell your diamonds immediately for the most competitive rates in Adelaide.

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    Walk in anytime, no appointment necessary.

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    We accept diamonds whether they are set in a ring or loose.

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    Please remember to bring the original paperwork and boxes if available.

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    Choose between short-term or long-term loans or opt for an instant sale.