Sell or Pawn Your Gold or Silver Bullion for Cash

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Loan Against Your Gold Bullion or Silver Bullion: How It Works

Pawn Brokers Adelaide offers both short and long-term loans against your bullion holdings. We accept all types of bullion, including cast bars, minted bars, and bullion coins. Your bullion is evaluated, and an instant on-the-spot price is provided.

We ensure secure storage with high-level security measures, guaranteeing the safety of your loaned bullion throughout the loan period.

Selling Gold Bullion or Silver Bullion: How It Works

When you need to sell gold bullion, we provide instant cash on the spot, and the process is straightforward with no appointment necessary.

We offer the highest payment rates in Adelaide for gold and silver, utilizing the latest XRF scanning technology to accurately value and assess your items.

Our leading bullion payment rates provide a unique opportunity when you choose to loan or sell for instant cash, whether it's for your house deposit, car deposit, or business plans.

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    Bullion Pawn Loans: Fast and Simple.

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    No need for appointments, simply walk in.

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    Choose to extend your loan duration as needed or sell your items immediately.

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    Options include short-term or long-term loans, or instant selling.