Obtain the Best Rates for Your Watch at Our Pawn Shop


Pawning a Luxury Watch: How It Works

Curious about the process of pawning watches?

Your Luxury Watch will be assessed for the watch's value and we provide you with an instant cash offer.

If available bring all passports, box and papers for the Luxury Watch.

The loan interest rate when you pawn watches depends on the value of the loan, no lock-in contract, time frame is monthly recurring.

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    Pawn Loans for Luxury Watches: Fast and Simple.

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    No appointments needed, simply visit us to pawn your watch.

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    Don't forget to bring along the original paperwork and boxes.

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    You can extend your loan duration as needed or opt to sell your watch immediately.

Selling a Luxury Watch: How It Works

If you're in need of cash without wanting to take out a loan, PBA can purchase your luxury watch.

We offer immediate cash for your vintage luxury watches.

Enhance the value by providing the original paperwork and box.

Our prices for selling pre-owned luxury watches are exceptionally competitive.

PBA evaluates your watch's worth and offers an instant cash price.